Z Fabrique

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Z Fabrique carries a full line of incense, jewelry and art from around the world. We have masks, tarot decks, carvings, Buddha Figurines, crosses, crystals, ethnic folk art, esoteric goods, some occult supplies, new age supplies, resin incense, charcoal, cone incense, stick incense, boxes, candles, candleholders, fairies, mermaids, animal statutes, and a whole lot more.

Best of all if we don’t have what you want we will try to get it for you or direct you to where you can find it … just contact us. If you would like us to carry an item or a particular brand just let us know. We will either carry it or tell you why we don’t or can’t.

We believe the items we carry will become tomorrow’s heirlooms.

It has always been my policy in life that when you walk away from me I want you to feel better than before you were with me. It hasn’t always worked, but I try. That applies to my stores, and this website. I see them as sacred spaces, actually as your sacred spaces.

I offer goods that I hope will make you feel better on your journey through life. I do not think that “stuff” should rule our lives, but that it should help us establish our sanctuary, our sacred spaces where we can find peace from the rushed, chaotic world we reside in.

May the journey you travel always be filled with moments of joy and wonder.

Nancy Scott

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