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At Westside Yoga Atlanta, our mission is to make yoga accessible, fun, and rewarding for everyone! It all began in 2001, when our Founder, Amber Barry, taught her first yoga class. She saw a great need for yoga in Atlanta, and made a commitment to share the practice with as many people as she could. She began teaching regularly at gyms, studios, and businesses, and eventually opened Westside Yoga in 2015, as a sacred space where all could come and feel supported in their yoga practice.

About the Owner- Amber Barry is the the Founder of Westside Yoga. She is one of the most experienced yoga instructors in the Southeast, inspiring total body wellness with her healthy and relatable approaches to yoga, mindfulness, and everyday well-being. She is on a mission to rally her community around health-promoting disciplines founded in the ancient practice of yoga. Her passion for yoga stems from the personal transformation she experienced when she first met her mat two decades ago. Yoga helped Amber reclaim her life after a car crash, which left her suffering and living in severe pain. Through her practice, she was able to completely rehabilitate her body. She now lives pain-free, and is thriving. Amber encourages her students to step outside their comfort zones, practice yoga daily, and trust the struggles on the journey to total body health.

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