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The Biltmore Studio was founded on the belief that yoga is truly for every one. Our commitment is to teach and foster the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga in a loving and community-based setting. Our Biltmore Hot class, offered six times a day, is held in specially designed room that is heated between 100-102 degrees with humidity between 60-70%. This environment enables your muscles to stretch easily and opens the body to allow deep detoxification. The class includes the practice of static standing poses, a series of flow postures set to music, and floor stretching. Each posture is designed and sequenced to build strength, flexibility and balance, improve posture and focus, and reduce stress. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves at their own pace rather than comparing themselves to others. The practice of yoga at The Biltmore Studio is as much of a “work-in” as a “workout”. It is about a lifestyle change and a shift in perspective. We want to change the way you think, not only about your yoga but also about your life. We love what we do and we are deeply committed to share our passion by helping our students grow in all aspects of their practice.

About the Owner- The Biltmore Studio was envisioned and created by its’ owner and director, Laura Sliman. Laura found yoga in 2007 when her life had reached a state of crisis. With two small children she separated from her husband, her brother passed suddenly and tragically in his sleep, and her son was badly injured in an attack by a dog. Life for Laura began to spiral downward quickly. She was deeply depressed and heavily “self-medicating” her pain. Laura’s dear friend Dayna Henig encouraged her to try a yoga class. She started to practice daily and the yoga began to heal her heart, body and spirit. To this day, Laura will tell you that yoga saved her life.

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