South Beach Boxing


South Beach Boxing is a full-service, family-style, performance training gym providing hundreds of fun & intense classes a month and a FULL GYM as well.  Glassman explains her concept as no walls, one format, & lots going on (organized chaos) in a safe place/space to share. She describes South Beach Boxing as a Fighting Fitness School, unlike any other fitness facility in that it offers a very educational, individualized, and personalized experience– everyone learns at their own level, on their own heavy bag, and anyone can do it.  Classes at the gym include Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Warrior Boot Camps, Kids’ Anti-Bully Program, Jolie’s Kids Charity, and so many more.  South Beach Boxing is the cheers of boxing; sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name. AND at South Beach Boxing, “You Don’t Have to Be a Boxer to Train Like One.”

About the Owner- Jolie Glassman, owner and operator of South Beach Boxing since 1998, is all about making the people she is around feel good about themselves. She is an inspiration to not only her gym members but also to her employees. She is never looked at as a “boss” but rather as a colleague/friend/coach/leader. Glassman is extremely approachable whether it is for business or for a personal reason. She runs the most down-to-earth successful gym in South Beach. South Beach Boxing is a Real Gym for Real People with Real Results. She loves being able to impact, and transform, people’s lives with fitness. Glassman continually grows as an individual and as a strong businesswoman.

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