Sister Pie

Pie, Dessert, Bakery

Serving Detroit and beyond with seasonal breads, cookies, and pie. Sisterhood through sweets!

About the Owner Lisa Ludwinski- I launched  Sister Pie out of my parents’ kitchen in November of 2012, just before Thanksgiving. I had recently moved back to Detroit from a six-year stint living in Brooklyn. Although I knew I wanted to open a bakery/cafe of some kind, I didn’t originally set out to focus on pie. But the Thanksgiving holiday presented a great opportunity to get my friends and family to support an infant business, and what’s Thanksgiving without pie?! Thanksgiving IS pie. It all came together. And why “Sister Pie”? Well, that was easy. It’s a nickname that my sister and I started calling each other in our twenties – you know, like “sweetie pie” but “sister pie.” Now she works at the shop, along with myself and twelve other women, so the name carries deep meaning for us.

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