Shades of Afrika

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Shades of Afrika is the Home of over 300 book titles, custom framing, arts prints and limited editions, collectibles, wood carvings from around the world, every where I’ve traveled.


About the Owner Renee Quarles-  The first 8 years were the hardest, a few break in’s and the disrespect of local’s but nothing a girl like me can’t handle. Or perhaps it’s the part where the City of Long Beach decided to eminent domain the whole 4 blocks. Asking all 8 of my neighbors in business to pack up and move over the re-developers were coming. This was heart breaking to so many, more then a few of them did not reopen. I fought back the only way I know how and that’s not to let you have your way when your beating me up. Meaning, instead of my company going where the City suggested we consider leasing at 8 to 10 thousand a month I might add. From some previous developer, I would not give them the satisfaction of assisting me in any way. It took me 2 years to find this location at a much better monthly price I might add… and the same vacancies that existed then do now with even more avail-abilities all around them. The City means itself well, not the small businesses here. I would have been a fool to go where they send me, when kicking me out of what we called home 16 years. It’s not very business friendly and it still does not have an African American Art presence in it’s Art District. Shades Of Afrika found it’s corner at 1 Block East of it’s Art District and it’s doing fine arts daily. Give thanks to the spirit of my own ancestors for giving me the fight in me to survive life & business. Source

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