Railean Distillery


RAILEAN is the first women-owned distillery to produce American Rum™ certified as “Made in USA”. This Houston/Galveston distillery handcrafts each batch of the rustic, piratey drinks using unsulfured, Grade-A sugarcane molasses from the Gulf Coast. Crafted with quality over quantity in mind, the smooth, clean spirit is enhanced by aging in new, double-charred American oak barrels to extract maximum color, aroma and flavor.

My name is Kelly Railean, but most people just call me “RAILEAN”. I founded Railean Distillers, LLC and constructed the first and only distillery in the Houston / Galveston vicinity with the vision of re-establishing the American rum industry in the USA. Most Americans don’t realize that rum was the “Original” American spirit with over 60 rum distilleries in operation in the 1700’s. To see this American tradition taxed and regulated out of existence was a sad day for all Americans. Family, friends and co-workers thought I was crazy to quit the rat-race and start-up my own company; especially in a world monopolized by mass-produced spirits companies, where very few woman have ventured. However, my fascination and passion for sailing, tropical islands, pirates, parrots (and of course rum and tequila); determined my destiny. Today, my dream of owning a distillery & making Handcrafted American Rum™ has come true but it has taken over 5 years to get to this point.

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