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NUDA is a 100% Organic Plant Based Brand consisting of a 100% Organic Cold Pressed Juice & Wellness Shop in San Pedro, the south bay of southern California, where we serve Organic, Fresh, Raw, Cold Pressed Unpasteurized Juice, Fresh never Frozen Smoothies, Gourmet Raw Vegan Take Away Cuisine, Transcendent Treats, Juice/Smoothie/Meal Cleanses & More!  NUDA’s menu concept is focused on creating bright clean dishes with global influences: using ethnic spices and flavors elevating the uniquely high quality ingredients. The result- inspired flavors and textured combinations. NUDAs dishes & beverages are created with love, pure, healing intentions that translate in both the brand aesthetic and through every bite/sip. NUDA celebrates pure products, honest preparation, honest pricing, as well as transparency to the source thereby creating an experience where customers trust in the food they eat, the farmers whom harvested it and, the purveyors whom created it.  WE DELIVER thru Uber Eats App!

About the owner- Stacey Jackson, Founder of NUDA.  I am a Southern California native, fashion designer gone holistic-hippie. 2006 is when I paused my career as a designer to pursue the life of a Modern Conscious.  In 2010 I skipped off to Costa Rica, where I was further trained by plant based doctors and chefs at the healing center “Finca De Vida”.  I have been helping people cause health and prevent, even defeat dis-ease ever since. My goal with and through NUDA is to show the world how true health & happiness is obtained naturally.  I truly desire to heal the world, rid it of all unnecessary dis-ease, dis-comfort, un-happiness & pain. Teaching and learning myself how to return to pristine living practices. Simplicity.

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