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In a world of impossible standards, females are feeling the pressure like never before. We here at GIRL by Rodiwear decided it was time to be part of the change. We want to broaden the conversation about how females all across the world are treating one another regardless of the age. We feel it is time to stand up for one another instead of breaking each other down.

GIRL by Rodiwear is not just about girl power. It is about men and women joining forces and empowering females of all ages to become kind, brave leaders, who champion one another.

When females wear our clothing, we want them to stand strong and vow to love and respect each other regardless of their differences, to aspire to be and do their best and ask themselves

“What kind of girl do I want to be?”

Uniting together will serve as a reminder to ALL that we are committed in our efforts to bring healing to the world. We ask you to think about the power of one and how much change can come from just that one person.

Now think about all of us as one great power.


Owners- Diane Stefanowicz and Robyn Saathoff are two motivated individuals who are passionate about helping males and females together broaden the conversation about how females need to support and love one another rather than breaking one another down.

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