Our jewel-box of a store on busy Bedford Avenue welcomes thousands of visitors a week seeking a piece of our trademark fine, personal jewelry. Catbird remains at the the epicenter of the Williamsburg explosion — a must-see destination with crowds regularly spilling out the door.

About the Owner Rony- In 2004, I opened Catbird as an ever-changing shop of my favorite things. I found a cheap, busted storefront on a not-so-pretty street in Williamsburg and had family and friends help me build it out. I sold some clothes, elbow patches, iron-ons and pretty ribbons. I also carried jewelry that I either made while sitting in my very quiet store, or got from jewelers vastly more talented than me. (That’s how I first met Bittersweets, Yayoi Forest, Digby & Iona, Meredith Kahn, and others who we still carry today.) I realized that I loved everything about jewelry. Selecting it, displaying it, helping customers find special pieces – it was a joy-filled process. In 2006, I opened the store on Bedford Avenue, focused solely on jewelry and started the Catbird line with one of my sales associates making pieces in her kitchen.

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11211 NY US
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