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Brekkie Bowls is an all-organic, Vegan friendly, Acai Bowl & Pitaya Bowls & Smoothies food trailer. All ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible and as seasonally fit, yet always fresh and organic. Brekkie Bowls is more than just helping to nourish the community with healthy food. It’s about chasing your dreams and never giving up. It’s about staying active and taking the proper steps each day to work towards the direction of those dreams. It’s about nourishing your body every day with fuel that makes you the best you can be each day.

About the Owner- For as long as I can remember, any job I had or dollar earned was a result of someone telling me I should work that job. From bussing tables in a restaurant since I was 15 all the way up until I started working for corporate at the age of 23 in Hawaii. Same goes for going to college, I simply went because I was told that was the right thing to do and someone told me I would be a good fit for the health care field. I guess my point is, sure we all need a little guidance, a little direction, but once we sit still in our path and truly listen to our inner voice, can we then begin to ‘get to living’. If that makes sense? I suppose for some, this clicks faster than others. I’ve always been on the ‘slower to get there’ track, but for every job I had worked I never felt like I was 100% there. I would show up for my shifts physically, but mentally I was checked out, always drifting into the thought of ‘what’s next?’. Luckily, the ‘what’s next’ question led me to make the best decision of my life. Making the bold and brave move, solo, to Maui saved my life in more ways than I could possibly put into words. Yes, I was still asking the ‘what’s next’ question for my first 3 years here. After many hours, days, weeks and months of manifestation & learning to surf, and surfing nearly every break on Maui, I conceptualized the idea of an on-the-go health food truck. The overhead would be low enough to start, get the brand and product out to the public and then hopefully generate enough business to one day have a store front. South Maui didn’t have an authentic spot for a consistent acai bowl, so I thought why not try that as the specialty. When I began telling people what I had in mind they were shocked, but proud and genuinely supportive. No one ever thought I’d start a food truck. I never fully knew that this idea was going to work. I just, for once, listened to my own inner voice. I did, however, know that a little hard work goes a long way. With that said, as does passion. You have to absolutely love what you do in the world of entrepreneurship or it will literally eat you alive. Who am I kidding, it will eat you alive and spit you back out a thousand times, no matter how much love and passion you have. The question is, do you have the heart to remain in the fire and absorb the burn while your empire rises around you?

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