Bake Me Happy

Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten free feels better for lots of people. We believe it should taste better for all people.

About the Owners- We’re often asked how we got started in the gluten-free business. The short answer is that within our own family we discovered an intolerance to gluten that necessitated a change in diet. The broader answer is that, because we personally know how it feels to require a not-quite-mainstream diet, we’re committed to making it easier for other gluten-free folks to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t separate them from their gluten-full friends and family. For us, it’s not enough to make a passable gluten-free substitute; we’d rather create something that everyone in the house, office or restaurant, or at the party will enjoy. At the end of the day, our name says it all. We do what we do to bake people happy—all people.

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