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About the Owner Nancy Rhodes- “My entire life I’ve struggled with the size and shape of my body. Because of feeling like my body wasn’t right for fitness or athletics, I stayed away or pushed myself incredibly hard trying to mold myself into something different.  I came to yoga during my fitness journey because the power and discipline drew me in, but what I found was a community of people that struggled with body image issues, addiction, pain, and loss just like me.  We all came together in that room as we found a place to calm down, let go and be in the present.  As I found this practice I became passionate about sharing it with others, but what I heard over and over again was “I’m too fat for yoga”, “I’m too old for yoga”, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”.  To be honest none of those things hinder your ability to practice yoga, because it’s truly about the union of our mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is about being in the moment instead of distracted by what’s next or what just happened, it’s a practice of self-acceptance.  I created Abundance Yoga to make yoga accessible for all body shapes, sizes and physicality.  We teach with options and the time to find what feels right and skip anything that doesn’t.  We offer education and the space to own your practice. We’re building a community based on love and acceptance.  I know how it feels to think I’m the largest body in the room. I know how it feels to think everyone can do this but me.  If I don’t know, I honor that we all have different needs and experiences and offer compassion to help you find the practice that fits you.

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