A Name Brand Co.

Creative Agency

A Name Brand Co. is an award-winning creative agency based in Southern California. We believe in building genuine, earnest relationships with our clients, and coming alongside them to help facilitate their dreams. Our penchant for problem solving and love of beautiful things affords us the opportunity to work on some pretty fantastic projects with some pretty fantastic people.

Sarah Armstrong is a creative director and producer who manages to wield the powers of both sides of her brain, usually for the greater good. A Northern Nevada native, she transplanted to Orange County in 2010 in search of humidity and sunshine. Special skills include: Laughing inordinately loud, convincing non-creatives that they too are creative, and being a guide-human to her blind dog, Träger. Sarah also opened a gorgeous creative coworking space, Batch, in historic downtown Santa Ana. Smart and witty to the core; only fill this machine with high grade caffeine. For optimal results, avoid applying gluten.(credit due to Jennifer Hood for originally writing this all-too-kind bio blurb)

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