Ellen Lathan

“I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Physiology. I have been in the fitness industry for four decades. About ten years ago I had this pilates studio and had been managing spas and gyms forever. Group fitness is really my forte. I really enjoyed teaching pilates but the only problem with pilates is there’s no metabolic work. So I decided to move the studio into a bigger space and I put a metabolic workout in there. When I looked at the metabolic workouts, spinning, boot camps, etc., I couldn’t find a workout that I saw that scientifically met all the needs to achieve results. I also wanted a workout that wasn’t just for the 10% of fit people who attended the group fitness classes. I wanted a workout that the maybe not conditioned people didn’t feel scared to attend. With this in mind I decided to create my own. With the bigger studio I had a pilates room on one side and what looks like our current Orange Room on the other side. In my forty years in fitness I have never seen a greater change in people’s bodies after they did my workout, and I’ve done everything (aerobics, spinning, triathlons). For Orangetheory I created a specific language: we have a walker category, jogger category, and runner category. With this language I eliminated that fear people have when they walk in like, “oh no I’m not going to fit in here.” This workout is for all fitness levels and is practiced over 2 million times a month.”